Friday, December 29, 2006

Another Cat Enabler's Myth! "All bird lovers hate cats!"

There is an alien invader sitting in my home and silently watching me as I write this. It gets into my home through an opening vandals broke a while back. I thought I had it blocked since the last ones got in and had kittens, but apparently not.
This one appears tame enough it may be placeable. I'm using patience and food on it right now. If it doesn't off me, I'll update this later...
Oh, to clear things up. I "hate" irresponsible pet owners much more than I hate cats.

This is so bizarre... No one could write this scenario as fiction. I could not and I have written thousands of pages of fiction.
THE CAT is still watching me... I walked within three feet of it a moment ago. It tensed up, but didn't run.

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