Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Cat shot 20 times is back home

The cat's owners should be charged with abuse for not keeping it indoors where it belongs. Instead he was outside killing our wildlife and getting shot at.

A CAT that was shot 20 times has made a miraculous recovery and is now back home.
Charlie, a 20-month-old ginger tom, was left with serious internal injuries and had surgery to remove a pellet from its bladder.
His owners, Garrod and Michelle Crompton, of Astley Bridge, were warned that he would probably have to be put down.
But the vets were impressed with Charlie's recovery and sent him home on Thursday morning.
Mrs Crompton, aged 28, said: "It was fantastic to have him home for Christmas, we are going to spoil him rotten. He has got a bit of a limp and he will not be allowed outside for at least a month.
"Hopefully he will put a bit of weight on and start looking a bit more like his old self. He has been through a lot."
The pellet that was removed from Charlie's bladder will now be handed to the police.
Charlie limped home after going missing for a day around four weeks ago. Vets at Regan's Veterinary Surgery, in Bury Road, Bolton, thought the cat might have been attacked by another animal because the wounds looked similar to bites.
But an X-ray showed that 20 pellets were inside the cat, towards its right hind leg and back.
Charlie's condition gradually began to deteriorate as the pellets caused problems with his bladder.
The cat was transferred to Rutland House Animal Hospital in St Helens for specialist treatment. It was thought that Charlie may have been tied to a tree before being repeatedly targeted with an air rifle.
But vet, Tony Regan said he thought the cat may have only been shot once, with a shotgun. Mr and Mrs Crompton have offered a £100 reward to anybody who provides information that leads to an arrest.
Last week Anthony Smith, aged 39, from Deane, added £500 to the reward fund while another animal lover, who asked not to be named, offered £100 to the fund and even offered to put £300 towards the family's vets bills, which could cost more than £1,300.
Police have also been contacted by two anonymous pensioners from Astley Bridge and Halliwell who want to pledge £100 and £25 respectively.
Mrs Crompton said: "I am very touched that people have offered their own money. I would really like to thank everybody for their kind thoughts."
Sgt Leon Jacobs, of Bolton East police division, said: "I would seriously advise the offenders to come forward and give themselves in because public opinion is hardening against them and information is starting to come in."

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