Sunday, December 24, 2006

You'll never guess who the cat enablers are blaming today!

Reason for decline in songbirds
Living on a small acreage with wild flower meadows and small areas of fruit trees and a variety of other trees it was rather a haven for many birds. However, it isn’t so now.
For 10 years we have been helping our songbirds and farmland birds by putting up nesting boxes and feeding them regularly. It has cost a lot of money feeding them over the years and has been very time-consuming.
At one time we had at least 30 visiting pheasants come for food daily and we had counted during winter at least 20 blackbirds and at least 10 song thrushes.
We had families of sparrows, chaffinches, wrens, robins, dunnocks, great spotted woodpeckers, tree-creepers, yellowhammers etc. Blackbirds and robins sang beautifully for over three decades here.
This year I am not awakened by the blackbird or any other bird. Why?
Because we have few birds left. The sparrowhawk and buzzard numbers have increased so much that these small birds won’t survive for much longer. My concerns aren’t the concerns of Government or in fact the RSPB. The larder is getting bare for these hawks and they are now attacking small dogs and cats.
We desperately need a cull of buzzards and sparrowhawks. Everyone gets the blame for our songbirds’ decline but this is not the real reason.
We observe daily our birds’ destruction. It is distressing.
H Wooldridge, Bewdley

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