Thursday, December 7, 2006

Jim and His Concerns Over the Feral Cats.

Galveston Ornithological Society
Cat Case:Legal Defense Fund
In early November, Director Jim Stevenson found a lame feral cat that was hunting endangered Piping Plovers (and other Federally protected species) in the sand dunes at San Luis Pass. For many years, Jim has done everything possible to stop the release of cats in this sensitive area, but to no avail. Unable to catch the cat, and knowing that feral cats are not protected by law, he now stands accused of Felony Animal Cruelty in the alleged shooting of this cat.
If you would like to donate to his legal defense fund, please send your contributions to:
Rt. 1 Box 185C
Galveston, TX 77554
Your help is appreciated

I understand the frustration Mr. Stevenson feels. I have recently lost several nesting pairs of native birds to the neighbor's colony of feral cats. The cats constantly roam my property hunting and fouling everything with their urine and excrement. I have tried to reason with cat fanciers about the hazards of allowing them to free range, both for the cats and our disappearing wildlife.
Most cat fanciers take the erroneous stance cats are either filling a niche in our ecosystem or their millions of kills are negligible compared to the other pressures on birds. I have no choice but to believe an intense program of trapping and euthanasia is called for if we are to prevent the approaching extinction of many species.

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