Sunday, December 10, 2006

My post from another site. Their posts left out...

I beg to differ with you, my Friend, and we are all Friends, aren't we? We are here discussing the welfare of our native birds, a national treasure that we hope to preserve for all our descendants.
1. Yes, the feral cat problem in the US may be of a different order compared to there in the UK.
2. No, to "Killing the cats is pointless as it merely releases another territorial space which will be filled - and it's cruel."
Cats are displacing our natural predators here in the United States, and probably in the UK. Is it noble and moral to enable and protect an alien/feral animal while native raptor clutches and fox kits starve? Those aliens (cats) are in direct competition with our natural predators, and thousands of their enablers are feeding them daily.
I am all for ending their suffering. It is their enablers who prolong it. What have "no kill" shelters accomplished except for increasing the number of millions of feral cat deaths and native fauna deaths? It's damnably unfortunate and I regret it, but I will choose the life of a bird that belongs here over the life of an alien species any day. I did not build this wreck. The irresponsible pet owners and enablers did.

Well, my Friend, perhaps our birds and other wildlife could have survived the encroachment of humans. I don't know. I do know alien/feral cats are killing them by the millions, perhaps billions. I don't see that as helpful to their survival.

Uh... you want to catch the cats, spend money on their vet treatments to ensure their health and release them to either die in the wild or kill hundreds more native birds and animals each while displacing our natural predators? That is far from an ideal solution and illogical in my opinion, my Friend.

That is precisely the outcome I foresee as long as we continue to make excuses, dodge our responsibility to our ecology, and enable alien invaders.

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