Thursday, December 28, 2006

The policy of The Wildlife Society (I agree with this)

The policy of The Wildlife Society in regard to feral and free-ranging domestic cats is to:

Strongly support and encourage the humane elimination of feral cat colonies.

Support the passage and enforcement of local and state ordinances prohibiting the public feeding of feral cats, especially on public lands, and release of unwanted pet or feral cats into the wild.

Strongly support educational programs and materials that call for all pet cats to be kept indoors, in outdoor enclosures, or on a leash.

Support programs to educate and encourage pet owners to neuter or spay their cats, and encourage all pet adoption programs to require potential owners to spay or neuter their pet.

Support the development and dissemination of sound, helpful information on what individual cat owners can do to minimize predation by free-ranging cats.

Pledge to work with the conservation and animal welfare communities to educate the public about the negative impact of free-ranging and feral cats on native wildlife, including birds, small mammals, reptiles, amphibians, and endangered species.

Support educational efforts to encourage the agricultural community to keep farm-cat numbers at low, manageable levels and use alternative, environmentally safe rodent control methods.

Encourage researchers to develop better information on the impacts of feral and free-ranging cats on native wildlife populations.

Recognize that cats as pets have a long association with humans, and that responsible cat owners are to be encouraged to continue caring for the animals under their control.

Oppose the passage of any local or state ordinances that legalize the maintenance of "managed" (trap/neuter/release) free-ranging cat colonies.

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