Thursday, December 7, 2006

Preserve our Vanishing Wildlife!

Americans are going to have to wake up and become more vocal and dedicated at protecting our wild fauna than the feral cat enablers are at allowing cats to kill them. Pet kittys are cute, yes, but a feral cat munching on a clutch of a threatened bird species is not!
Trap, neuter, release programs produce a healthier, more efficient killing machine. All they are doing is enabling the cats in their destruction. TNR enthusiasts claim if you remove one cat from our ecology another moves in.
Okay, no problem, I remove that killer, too. I take them to control facilities and they are out of our ecology and no longer killing our wildlife. Do most of them die? Probably so, but that's not my responsibility. I feel my responsibility is to protect the wildlife that belong here! Euthanasia of the millions of feral cats now killing billions of our native animals each year is the only logical and effective answer.

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