Saturday, December 9, 2006

Sadly, the "No Kill" agenda perpetuates itself.

It used to be animals that were abandoned, abused, and unwanted were all euthanized. That's a pragmatic approach, and effective. Opponents say it's heartless, but how many abandoned, abused, and unwanted pets do you want to care for personally? Let's get personal here. If you advocate the "No Kill" agenda you should cowboy up and care for your fair share of those abandoned, abused, and unwanted pets.Perhaps you have twenty-five or thirty feral cats or dogs in a barn you feed, water, clean up after and provide medical care for. If so, I'll nominate you for Sainthood.
But... There's always a but, isn't there? Or, perhaps you'd rather call me a butt? I'm sorry, I'd rather call myself a realist. There are only a finite number of caring homes for abandoned, abused, and unwanted pets, then what do you do?
Do you hoard them in your house and become the dreaded "CAT COLLECTOR", or do you simply turn them loose to predate on our already threatened native wildlife? That's when the "No Kill" agenda perpetuates itself and becomes exponential. I'm an advocate of responsibly handling those abandoned, abused, and unwanted pets once and for all instead of perpetuating the problem. There are many more millions of pets suffering a sad fate yearly now than when ending the problem responsibly was a dreaded but accepted fact.

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