Monday, December 11, 2006

“What does PETA think about trapping, altering, and releasing feral cats?”

Normally I have no use for anything PeTa. I agree with them TNR Programs are not the solution to our feral cat problem.

Sadly, our experiences with trap-alter-and-release programs and “managed” feral cat colonies have led us to question whether these programs are truly in the cats’ best interests. We receive countless reports of incidents in which cats—whether “managed” or not—suffered and died horrible deaths because they were forced to fend for themselves outdoors. Having witnessed firsthand the gruesome things that can happen to feral cats, we cannot, in good conscience, advocate trapping, altering, and releasing as a humane way to deal with overpopulation.

Advocates argue that feral cats are just as deserving as other felines and that it is our responsibility to alleviate their suffering and ensure their safety. We absolutely agree. It is precisely because we would never encourage anyone to let their own cats outdoors to roam that we do not encourage the same for feral cats. In fact, the act of releasing a feral cat is, in the eyes of the law, abandonment and is illegal in many areas.

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