Friday, January 19, 2007

Bird species and climate change: The global status report

Please remember, feral and roaming cats are the second worst threat to our birds, which makes controlling them that much more important right now!

This summary outlines the findings of "Birds Species and Climate Change" which provides a global analysis of current and future impacts of climate change on birds. The report reviews more than 200 research reports to assemble a clear and consistent picture of climatic risk to this important animal group, illustrated with numerous examples and case studies.

The report finds that:

climate change now affects bird species' behaviour, ranges and population dynamics;
some bird species are already experiencing strong negative impacts from climate change; and
in future, subject to greenhouse gas emissions levels and climatic response, climate change will put large numbers bird species at risk of extinction, with estimates of extinction rates varying from 2 to 72%, depending on the region, climate scenario and potential for birds to shift to new habitat.

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