Monday, January 29, 2007

"I let my cat run loose outside and it _______"

LimeGreen here granted me permission to use this blog.

"I let my cat run loose outside and it _______"

A. Never came back
B. Got hit by a car
C. Was at the SPCA for weeks--they had no idea whose he was!
(Because of no I.D. of ANY kind)
D. Roamed to another county who's SPCA wasn't "no kill" (See A.)
(Because of no I.D. of ANY kind)
E. Was getting fed at someone else's house for months/years/life
who had no idea it was someone's pet
(Because of no I.D. of any kind.)
F. Picked up by people who sell animals to research labs (See A.)

You cat owners keep giving us the stories, we'll keep commenting on how the result proves how irresponsible you are for letting them run free. Oh, sorry, I meant how kind and wonderful you are to let them run FREE to enjoy their "catness."

Well, maybe this time their wild "catness" didn't want to return to the home they had. When you let them out free, you are granting your cat free will to make choices on where and how to live their lives as THEY choose, not what is best or safest. Then we should respect that right they were granted when set free. An outdoor roaming cat is free to make it's own choices. Cross the busy street in front of a truck or not. Come home, or not. Why, shouldn't the owner respect that decision? FREEDOM OF CATNESS!


Moose said...

Hey Bird Advocator,
Thank for dropping by my blog. I too do not like to see free ranging cats and often find results of their activities in my yard on the local song bird population. I find it odd that if someone’s dog was roaming free killing other creatures people would be up in arms but cats do it all the time and no one cares. Here is an article that I came across that you might be interested in.

Bird Advocate said...

Thank you, Moose, for expressing your support. Please pass the word on to your hunting friends. Hunters are some of the greatest ecologists there are, supporting our wildlife with their votes, and with their recreation expenditures. :)