Friday, January 26, 2007

I read another account of a road kill kitty

I just read another account of a road kill kitty. It was another feral cat. The cat didn't have to die under the wheels of a car. The person crying over its death said it traveled between their home and another person's. Had either of them been truly concerned for the cat's welfare they would have confined it. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to know most feral cats die under the wheels of a car, in a dog's jaws, or from poison or disease.
They also accused the person who hit the cat they'd been feeding of driving too fast. Not one word of apology was said for their having enabled the cat to become a road hazard, thereby endangering the lives of the driver, their passengers, and their property.
Feral cat enablers seem to have tunnel vision. They typically seem to show little or no regard for their fellow man or our wildlife. They tend to focus entirely on their own agenda, their misguided idea of what's good for an alien pest. I believe the safety and property of our fellow man and our ecology should take precedence over feral and roaming cats. Don't you?


Veery said...

I hit a cat one early morning and I still feel so sad.

I wish people would realize that their cats are not safe along with the birds they are jeopardizing.

Bird Advocate said...

I know it, Veery. I had one dart out and under my wheels while its owner stood there watching. It's distressing, but it's the owner's fault for exposing them, and us, to that danger.