Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Q. Won’t there be a rodent problem if we remove all of the free-roaming cats?

A. Studies have shown that cats do not kill very many black or Norway rats, which are exotic pest species. House mice, also an exotic pest species, can live in small spaces where cats cannot follow. Cats can help control these rodents but not eliminate them. In fact, food that is left out for cats can attract and support rodent populations. Instead, take steps to control garbage and litter. Make sure garbage is removed in a timely manner, that lids fit tightly on garbage containers, and that litter is removed from the base daily. If rodent pests are a problem on base, consult a pest management expert. Taking steps to close holes in buildings may be a more efficient way to rid your buildings of rats and mice. Require pet owners on base to keep all pet food indoors.


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