Thursday, February 1, 2007

Again with the mythical vaccuum effect?

This is so typical of the TNR crowd. Try to look at this logically, please. If three crooks were mugging you, and we eradicated two, would you complain?
"Attempts to eradicate whole colonies of cats usually fail because the ecological vacuum created is soon filled by other strays.


Starla said...

You could make it big in standup comedy. There is one thing fallacious in your analogy. Cat fanciers are seldom logical about their cats. Unite your birders and carry on. You'll save time by not trying to appeal to the cat crowd.

Bird Advocate said...

Ah, but there is a method to my
madness, Starla. Yes, the majority of feral enablers are beyond reasoning with. One in a hundred may have an epiphany should tragedy befall their entire colony or something.
Our targets are the average concerned citizens out there who may have wondered why the singing of birds in their yard has changed to the squalling of cats!