Saturday, February 3, 2007

"Buster is Missing. If you find our little buddy, please call us."

Do I have to point out to anyone how irresponsible this is?
On dozens of poles also on Capitol Hill is another sign: "Buster is Missing. If you find our little buddy, please call us."
Buster, the sign says, went missing in the neighborhood Dec. 19. "Buster has tags and a bell and a chip," the poster said.
John Koenig, Buster's owner, said he let the cat -- a gray and white tabby with black stripes -- go in and out of their house near Group Health on 15th Avenue East.
"He usually hangs around the area, or goes over to the house next door," he said. "But he disappeared. We'd seen him 30 minutes earlier."
Koenig put up about 60 posters. And he's been going to the city's animal shelter every three days. He looks to see if any of the other missing cats he's seen on posters are there.
They aren't, and neither is Buster.
There have been tips. "Somebody saw his tags in Montlake. At least we know he's alive," Koenig said, adding that he'll still let Buster out if he finds him. "He's always been an outdoor cat."
And he said that wouldn't change even if the city gets more crowded. "I just think he'd go crazy inside."


Starla said...

That man should be horsewhipped for abandoning a pet. I wonder if he allows his children to wander off?

Bird Advocate said...

I'm sure he must. His "little Buddy" has probably been scraped up with a shovel by now. What is humane and compassionate about that?