Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Coyotes thrive on easy pickings across Florida

It should concern pet owners to know that coyotes will also eat cats and small dogs, as they are the size of their natural prey.
Research in other states has shown that it is not possible to eliminate coyotes as a predator in the wild or in urban areas. They are wild animals that have learned to live with us. We can learn to live with them and reduce unpleasant encounters by taking a few precautions.
The first important thing to do is really a don't. Don't feed the animals. Do not leave pet food outside, and secure garbage cans so they cannot get into them or knock them over.
If coyotes are known to be in your area, be especially cautious with puppies and dogs when letting them outside in the morning or early evening. Stay with them while they are outside. If you have outdoor pets, be sure to keep them in secure cages.
Coyotes are not domesticated animals, so do not try to get near them. Don't try to touch them, catch them or tame them. They are generally shy and secretive but will get used to being around humans and may be seen in the open in neighborhoods. They can carry rabies and other diseases such as parvo virus and can transmit them to your pets if they have not been vaccinated.
Don't let your pet cats outside to become food for coyotes. They are safer inside, and they are less likely to get diseases that can be spread by wild animals and feral cats that also run wild outside.

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Scooter said...

I don't have to tell you who I'm pulling for in the battle of survival between coyotes and cats. Go Yodel Dogs! :)