Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Dr. Scott Shalaway: It's 'My Turn' about killing bird

This is a followup on the Newsweek article describing 64-year-old Walda Cameron’s 14-month-long obsession with a male cardinal that attacked her home’s windows every day. She resorted to using a shotgun.

The photo of the 64-year-old redhead holding a shotgun across her chest aroused an image of Lucy waiting for Ethel to join the hunt. Slapstick and guns can be a fatal combination.
The Migratory Bird Protection Act of 1918 protects all native songbirds. It is a federal offense to kill any native bird without a proper permit. Having confessed her crime in a national magazine, I wonder when a U.S. Fish and Wildlife law enforcement agent will pay Cameron a visit.
Though warned at the gun shop that killing a cardinal was illegal, Cameron bought a shotgun, went home and immediately fired at the bird. She missed and somehow cut her finger. She obviously had not taken time for a course in gun safety or hunter education. She decided that the shot was “safe” because there was “only forest” behind the target. I hope that means there were no neighbors living in those woods.
By appearing in Newsweek, this essay communicates to all that the proper way to deal with a problem bird is to buy a gun and kill it. We humans have pretty big brains. We ought to be able to outwit a bird brain without resorting to gunfire. Newsweek should know better.

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