Sunday, February 11, 2007

A feral cat colony "success" story!

The only solution to this is a vigorous program of euthanasia.

The Universities Federation of Animal Welfare (UFAW), one of the first groups to develop a TNR program, reports long term results of different colonies in England.
Nine of the original 19 cats of one colony either disappeared or were killed or euthanized because of illness, while 17 new cats entered the territory. This colony grew by eight cats despite the deaths of almost half the original colony.
In another colony, the number of feral cats rose from 70-80 to 100 in one year, even though the number of feeders dropped to only one person. During the six and one-half years that this colony was watched, 40 kittens were "homed" and 200 cats neutered. Reports on other colonies tell the same story: large numbers of original members vanish or die and new cats come in on their own or are dumped there by people.

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