Monday, February 5, 2007

Pictures, Birdfreaks Team has bird pictures!

Our good friends of the Birdfreak Birding Blog Team are once again showing their dedication to birding and their generous spirit. They've built a bird picture gallery at Flickr to hold the hundreds of pictures they've amassed over the years. In their words these pictures are "FREE to Share -- to copy, distribute, display these photos."
They also say "If you wish, you can attribute the picture(s) to this group (a link to it would be nice) and help promote other photographers to add to the collection."
I'll certainly be taking them up on their offer, and hope you'll participate as well. I appreciate this very much as I do all their efforts. Oh yes, here's their link!
Birdfreak's Free Bird Gallery!


Starla said...

That's fantastic! I'd been wondering where I could find some pictures without copyright issues.
Thank you.

Bird Advocate said...

Thank the Birdfreak Team when you see them, Starla. They're super people. :-)