Monday, February 5, 2007

Rabid Cats

My point is had these cats been indoors human lives would not have been endangered.
Health officials are warning of a rabid cat that attacked a woman in Roanoke.
It happened Friday on Morwanda Street, Northwest, near the Roanoke-Salem line. The Roanoke City Health Department says the black and white cat was captured and euthanized. The woman it attacked is being treated for rabies.

Rabid cat kills man in Himachal
A man bitten by a house cat in a Himachal Pradesh village has died of full-blown rabies.

Officials issue rabies alert
The Rensselaer County Health Department warned area residents Thursday to be careful after a cat died from injuries caused by a rabid raccoon.


Z said...

That is certainly a point: if the ca. 100 million feral cats were indoors, there would be fewer problems.

Thing is, I see all sorts of folks complaining about the situation, but no one with a viable solution. Anyone can complain.


Bird Advocate said...

Suggestions? Yes, I have suggestions. I'm calling for all concerned parties to write their Congress men and women and local politicians demanding our laws be enforced.
We have laws against abandoning domestic pets and laws protecting migratory bird life that are not being enforced. Would you like to be part of the solution to the problem, Sir?