Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Study: Cute Endangered Species Get More Attention Than Ugly Ones

This is why we have so many feral cats. Nobody wants them in their home, but they're "cute".

It could be their immaculate fashion sense or maybe it's that sweet, wobbly gait, but there's no denying penguins are, well, adorable.
Like the rest of their cuddly class — the pandas, koalas, seals and bunnies — they help sell greeting cards and animated movies by tugging at our heartstrings.
But research shows our fondness for particular animals could have detrimental effects on preservation efforts.


Bird Advocate said...

To whomever that was whose message I just deleted, what makes you think there are not beaucoup people out here who believe as I do and put a higher priority on our wildlife than on a feral invasive species?

Bird Advocate said...

Rofl! Haven't you noticed I deleted your last message, along with every other that linked to some spammer's blog?