Thursday, February 1, 2007

''There used to be 30 cats here''

Here's an argument the anti-feral folks won. Who wants 30 cats on their pool deck?
''There used to be 30 cats here,'' said Doliner, a flight attendant who moved to the condo at 5151 Collins Ave. five years ago. ``I can't believe there's only one.''
On Jan. 15, the condo board issued an ultimatum: Stop feeding on the pool deck or face penalties.
''The Board will enforce this through all legal means,'' a posting warned.
Doliner, head of the building's two-person Cat Committee, reluctantly agreed -- but only because the alternative was worse: watching the board vote to have the cats rounded up, hauled away and killed.
''If I didn't, they would have called a trapper and they all would have been gone the next day,'' said Doliner, who took one of the free-range felines into his 16th-floor apartment and says he has spent $1,200 on neutering.


Justin said...

I think these kinds of ultimatum are required for the safety of animals as this forces people to show an act of kindness towards animals

Bird Advocate said...

The feral and roving cat enablers are making their life and death decision to expose their domestic cats to the wild and impact our wildlife's survival based solely on their emotions.
We have to do the responsible thing for our ecology and get those invasive pests back indoors where they belong.