Saturday, February 17, 2007

Who cries for the birds?

The searches I made for feral, cat, poetry,
plaintive results, all speaking for abused cats.
I'll write my own, sez I, asking
"Who cries for the birds?"
Their ancestors wallowed in the swamps here,
they evolved, sang sweet songs of life, and flew!
Their numbers increased and they thrived,
No eagle, raccoon, or snake could vanquish their numbers,
The feral invaders came and kills them by the millions,
Who cries for the birds?


NatVisions said...

Great! Found you at PZ's place and couldn't resist clicking over when I saw you signature. Thanks!

Bird Advocate said...

You've been so appreciative of my plebian poetic ability, my Friend! We love PZ as well as several of his colleagues. He is a super blogger! Thank you again!