Friday, March 9, 2007

Audubon report claims birds in danger

Birds also face predation from feral cats and competition for habitat from other species, including white-tailed deer and non-native waterfowl such as Canada geese and mute swans.
These factors are contributing to the demise of millions of Connecticut birds, the society says.
The researchers who compiled the report estimate that each year feral cats claim millions of birds. Their projection is based on monitoring of feral cats in the Midwest with electronic tracking devices and counting how many birds each cat killed. The Animal Center in Newtown estimates that Connecticut has 500,000 feral cats.
To ease some of the stress on the avian population, the Connecticut Audubon Society wants the state Legislature to appoint a state agency, such as the Agriculture Department, to remove and control feral cat colonies that are on state land and beaches near protected wildlife areas.LINK

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