Thursday, March 1, 2007

'Here, kitty ... Nice kitty ... YIKES!'

Judy Minor rarely minded whenever a hefty black cat hung around the back stoop of her St. Paul home. But when the cat sneaked into the house and swatted at her a few weeks ago, she became afraid.
"I can't have him in the house. He's really too wild," said Minor, who lives in the Frogtown neighborhood.
Across the metro area, community groups and animal control workers say that feral cats are a growing nuisance and public health risk. Statistics and anecdotal estimates suggest that there could be anywhere from half a million to a million feral cats roaming the Twin Cities.
Moreover, Minnesota's recent mild winters may have helped the wild cats reproduce at abnormal rates, packing animal shelters to capacity and forcing more officials to come to grips with the problem, a number of experts said.

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