Saturday, March 24, 2007

Palm Bay man treated for rabies from cat

A man bitten by a stray cat while working in his yard underwent the first in a series of shots Wednesday, after health officials confirmed that the feral feline had rabies.
The Brevard County Health Department also issued a warning Wednesday to residents living in the Scodella Street area of southwest Palm Bay, where the cat roamed.
The incident occurred Tuesday as the unidentified man, who also cares for a number of cats in his home, cleared a lot, health department officials said.
"It was a stray cat that came up to the man while he was working outside. The cat hugged his leg and was scratching him," said Dr. Heidar Heshmati, director of the health
"When he reached down to grab the cat, he was bitten on the right thumb," Heshmati said.

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