Monday, April 23, 2007

A letter to an editor

Jim Stevenson, the founder of the Galveston Ornithological Society, was indicted in the shooting death of a feral cat at San Luis Pass. Stevenson has stated that feral cats on the isle’s West End are a danger to bird populations.
What Has Happened To Our Animal Priorities?
We would also like to contribute to Jim Stevenson’s defense.
About 30 years ago, our house was on a dead-end street, and there were a lot of feral cats in the pastures around our house.
One of our daughters, a toddler of 4 years, was playing in a room that we were adding on to our house.
We were not aware that one of the feral cats had gotten into this room. All of a sudden, I heard this awful screaming. The cat had our daughter’s little hand in its mouth and would not let go of her.
Our daughter was deathly sick for about one week. She could not walk, her entire body was swollen, she had fever and she was on antibiotics.
On the way to the hospital in her little voice, she asked: “Am I going to die?”
Needless to say, the next day, we dug a deep hole, my husband got the shotgun and we killed about 10 feral cats in the pasture.
We are not animal haters; we just believe you should have a right and obligation to protect your own children.
I guess in this day and time, we’d be arrested and go to prison?
Feral cats are mean and dangerous animals. What has happened to our society? Where are your priorities?
Gladys S. Haak Santa Fe


The Birdfreak Team said...

How terrible... I am so glad people are speaking up about how awful the feral cat situation is getting - most importantly how some people are placing feral cats above native wildlife and human welfare.

Feral cats are disgusting and Jim Stevenson is a hero.

Birdfreak said...

I just read about a lady who helped feeding stray cats and was appalled because someone stole all the dishes she put out for them. If she really cared for these cats, she would not feed them. Whoever stole the dishes cared more than she did.
Those cats she is feeding and "taking care of" are the same cats that could very well turn feral and bit some poor kid.

Laura said...

Feral cats are afraid of humans. They won't go after them. I think this story was made up for the forum.

Bird Advocate said...

I think you must not have read the story very well, Laura. I included a link.

Anonymous said...

I just read about Jim Stevenson's plight in People Magazine...How can I help?????

rking8 said...

Your point is well taken. We need a ranchers mentality in regards to feral cats. I am sorry for the cats but I also worry for the many owners who let their cats run free. Where did they go to Sunday school? Who taught the morals they profess to have? I would freak if my airedale went into another persons yard to relieve herself. Take sall kinds. We need to contact our elected officals. When I called Bonnen my state Rep he laughed it off and after amny attempts to gain a visit or get suppor the tol dme he "was not on that Committee" and gave me the big shove. Lake Jackson Texas ( inthe local paper) has recently reaffirmed their exemption to the leash law that allows cats to run free legally. THey are home to the Gulf Coaast bird Observatory whose director is a member of Cat Indoors Policy board. They and the local birders will geinvolved in person or as a group. Lake Jackson Texas is bird central. We are part of the gulf coast plains and the Columbia bottom lands. WE have more species of birds than any county in North America. Please write or call the Lake Jackson city hall and the Brazosport Facts. I have been workign on free roaming cats issues for 9 years. I ahve had alley cat allies members (180K members) kick in my fenders, send hate mail, and nasty phone calls-all of which scared my wife and messed with my marriage. Bless her heart, my wif estill puts up with me working on this issue.