Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Feral cat program doesn't really work

Editor, the Record:

How sad. According to an April 20 story, local Girl Scouts are learning at a young age that re-abandoning a domestic companion animal to the wild is OK. We need to teach our children real responsibility and humanity towards animals, but that is not the essence of Trap/Neuter/Release.
TNR is a misguided attempt at controlling overpopulation that results in environmental irresponsibility, the mortality of native wildlife, and miserable living conditions and tragic deaths for cats. Teaching them about TNR no doubt will also convey the message that emotion and not science should be their guide in life.

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Anonymous said...

TNR is much more about the
"rescuers" than about the rescued. From my experience, TNR advocates generally do not have the stomach to do what is needed to control cat populations, which may involve relocation or euthanasia, so they take the half measure of TNR, making themselves feel better but doing little or nothing for the cats they claim to care so much about and actually acting detrimentally to local wildlife and neighborhoods.