Thursday, June 21, 2007

A better idea for both cats and plovers: Trap, neuter, adopt

I Can't imagine all the cats will be adopted, but it's sheer murder to abandon them to kill again!

The conflict between cats and shorebirds in Cape May and in other communities along the Atlantic Coast does not have to end in tragedy for either species. We can save both cats and shorebirds.
The American Bird Conservancy has established that cats kill beach-nesting birds. The New Jersey Division of Fish and Wildlife identified feral cats as the predominant piping-plover predator in developed shore communities like Cape May. At New York's Gateway National Recreation Area, one adult cat and five kittens were found with the remains of 17 common terns. In 2005, a feral cat killed three piping plovers in New Hampshire. Cats also destroy nests and cause nest abandonment and failure. Even well-fed cats hunt and kill.

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