Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Keep Your Cats In-Doors

Here's another site asking you to:

Keep Your Cats In-Doors
I was feeling like getting some negative email so I thought I would mention a topic that gets some people a little catty: house cats as predators. It's kind of like the issue where some people think we need more assault weapons on the streets. But first, let me be clear, bad as the problem is, habitat loss is the number one factor driving down wildlife populations of all types and species. Cats are an important secondary issue, however, and there is a very simple solution that everyone can do: keep your cat in your house where it belongs.
Cats represent a super predator with a major impact. Hunting is instinctual and something they do even if well fed. Unlike wild predators, they have a steady source of food that they don't have to work to obtain. Because of that food resource, the fact that many people have multiple pets and cat ownership is widespread, the density of cat predators becomes much higher than the formerly natural environment where the predators are held in check by availability of prey. Also, many wild predators are constantly dealing with illness, injuries or parasites for which most domestic cats immediately receive care. All of these factors make domestic cats a much more effective predator.

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