Saturday, April 11, 2009

Al Martinez ... On Everything Else

More at the site above. An amusing lie, uh, tale.

Ernie, The Cat

I feel sorry for Ernie, our cat. He sits at a glass door looking out longingly at the birds and the squirrels that flash playfully into view. I think he wants to eat them. Kibbles and an occasional indoor mouse just aren't enough.

He meows pathetically and cocks his head to one side and licks his lips. I don't let him out for a very good reason: he's a house cat and there are perils out there to which he is not accustomed; coyotes, dogs, rattlesnakes and owls.

Yes, owls. Stories abound in Topanga of large birds of prey carrying off cats and even small dogs. One woman tells of an owl swooping off with her little Portia. That's her Pekingese, not her granddaughter. She ran down the street in the direction of the bird, screaming and swearing. The terrified owl dropped Portia on the road.

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