Thursday, April 23, 2009

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Wouldn't you know it? In the early 1980's I witnessed a scene that has since haunted my sleep, as if PTSD weren't enough to deter me from sleeping.
I lived in a small community in the Big Thicket of East Texas, and watched as one of my step-daughters boyfriends delivered her home from school. He reached behind the seat of his truck, and pulled out a rifle.
I didn't see any obvious targets, but wasn't yet worried as the young man usually had good sense. He aimed across the street and shot, and I saw the distinctive shapes and colors of a large woodpecker fall from a tall tree. I shouted "Now we know what you're having for supper! The rest of us are having steaks." After the butt chewing I gave him he apologized and swore never to kill anything he wasn't planning to eat, but I'm sure the question that lingers in my mind is obvious to all of you.


rking8 said...

I grew up with a BB gun and then a pellet gun. I have worked on free roaming cat issues for the last ten years, trying to pay off the those guns. Among others, I killed a Mocking bird who kept a constant vigil near my home. After he had voided his waste in spectacular Mocking bird fashion on my back a few times, he finally got me one night-on the roof with a girl. I killed him monday morning after when he hit me on the way to my car. It was the last bird I shot I did not eat. I have yet to pay him off.

Bird Advocate said...

I can appreciate, but cannot verbally approve of your creativity on the "roaming cat issues" at the peril of being sentenced to years in prison for "animal cruelty." However, I doubt your tales of the Mockingbird's accuracy, especially at night.