Thursday, April 9, 2009

St. Bernards destroy 170 exotic birds

I posted this in the comments at that site. 'Compare these canine culprits to feral cats. If it had been cats killed those birds you'd have a dozen cat enablers in here posting wildly, "It's what cats do! They were only following their nature. Cats eat mostly mice, rats, and other vermin. They're filling a niche in our ecology!"' Cats have no more place in our ecology than these St. Bernards.

MILTON, N.Y. -The exotic water birds never had a chance against the two enormous St. Bernards who transformed the normally tranquil aviary behind a town home into a killing field.

"There was blood and guts and feathers everywhere," said Milton Animal Control Officer Richard Pine Thursday describing the gruesome scene at the Muddyduck Water Fowl Breeding Center Inc., owned by bird enthusiasts Clyde Robinson Jr. "They didn't have time to eat the birds because they were on a killing frenzy."

By the time the two canines were removed from the fenced-in pen that early February morning they had slaughtered 170 of the water fowl and maimed another half dozen, according to an incident report. Waterfowl are birds that swim and live near water, including ducks, geese, and swans.

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