Wednesday, April 1, 2009

TNR a humane approach for feral cats?

Supporters of Trap, Neuter, Return for feral cats say it is the only humane solution to the problem of millions of them being homeless. We prefer to call this practice Trap, Neuter, Abandon, because it irresponsibly abandons an animal, whose wild genes have been altered over 5,000 years into a domestic pet dependent on man, back into the wild. Many of these cats die under the wheels of cars, horribly tangled in fan belts, or fall prey to dogs, other animals, illness, poison or starvation. Where is the humanity in this?
Where is their concern for our native wildlife that fall prey to these superb alien hunters at the rate of dozens or hundreds each per year, totaling hundreds of millions? What happens to the orphaned offspring of these murdered birds and mammals? They starve, of course, unless the cat's jaws mercilessly end their lives too. Where is the humanity in this?
What is the real answer to this catastrophic problem? Our answer is we should do the only responsible, humane, and ecologically sound thing, and end the suffering of the feral invaders not suitable to taming, thus removing their threat to our native wildlife.

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