Sunday, May 24, 2009

B.C. mayor fights to save town from feral felines

(We are near reaching the saturation point, when we do the vacuum effect myth, nor any of the others lies will work!)

They’ve spent the last two years terrorizing neighbours with their loud fighting and blatant disregard for public property.
They’ve destroyed countless pieces of lawn furniture, wrecked bird baths and spoiled a slew of garden beds.
“You might see six or 10 of them together,” said Marcy Kennedy, a resident of the southeastern B.C. community of Creston. “They kind of have little colonies that they like to travel in.”
Kennedy said the feral cat population is out of control in her Creston neighbourhood, with up to 200 felines prowling the streets.
“They seemed like they were mating all the time,” said Kennedy, who added she regularly collects an ice-cream bucket worth of cat feces from her garden beds. “They’d howl and scratch. They wake you up at night, you bet.”

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