Thursday, May 21, 2009

Cat Impaled By Arrow

(This happens often. I don't condone the method used as being effective.)

A feral cat was discovered Wednesday afternoon in Salisbury, impaled through the chest with an arrow.
Officials say the target arrow just missed her vital organs. She was found by a shed off of Nanticoke Road.
They believe she had been injured for days based off of the maggot found in the wound. And based off of the wound, the officials believe the shot wasn't an accident.
"It was an intentional shot... (and) that someone would see a cat in a tree and think, 'Hey, there's a good target...' It's very frustrating for us, very infuriating. I'm hoping someone will come forward," said Linda Lugo, the Executive Director of the Wicomico County Humane Society.
The cat will be staying at the Humane Society's surgery unit for at least ten days.
They will be working to make her more tame, eventually making her available for adoption.

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