Thursday, May 7, 2009

Cats at large problem for neighbors

(This is the sort of problem I have on my property, with predation on wildlife added.)

Cats roaming the neighborhood, urinating and dropping feces on private property have become a nuisance for some Scenic Height’s residents.

Tracy LeClair and Lisa Binsley approached the town board April 13 to ask for an ordinance making it illegal to let cats roam at large.

“There are an exorbitant number of cats in our neighborhood,” LeClair said. “My yard is covered in cat feces and urine. They urinate on my front porch and under my deck. When I step out my door the only thing I can smell is cat urine.”

LeClair said at least seven cats are seen daily in and around the neighborhood. Some are feral but four or five belong to one neighbor. She said the owners have the cats out all day and night and only let them in the house to feed them and let them back out again.

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