Saturday, May 16, 2009

The Cuddle Factor IS Devil's Spawn!

I call the attachment some people feel towards cats the "cuddle factor". In mild to medium infections it is relatively benign to everyone, insuring their cats are loved, well fed, and healthy. There is nothing healthy psychologically, however, about acute infections of it.
Those with acute infections of the cuddle factor are able to rationalize horrendous crimes against nature, abandoning or re-abandoning dozens or hundreds of vicious wild pets into an ecology they never belonged in! It blinds them to the atrocities they enable their "pets" to do.
The cuddle factor makes them impervious to logic and common sense, such as wouldn't it be better to simply remove the unwanted pets from nature rather than abet and enable them to murder billions of our natural fauna that do belong here and are wanted? Devil's spawn or evil incarnate, yep.

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