Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Another who bought into cats being beneficial mousers?

That was the opinion of an expert on Suite 101. I answered:
Excuse me? Perhaps you haven't heard feral cats are one of the factors threatening some of our native mouse species with extinction. Beach Mice

Another comment I made to the expert:
Perhaps you could explain how it is humane to abandon or re-abandon pet animals into the wild to roam homeless murdering our wild life when they have been bred for 5000 years to be dependent on humans?

Yes, I have too much respect for nature to think it's anything but abhorrent, inhumane, and irresponsible we have thousands of colonies of a domestic animal in the wild being maintained, subsidized, and enabled to predate on our natural fauna by well meaning but mis-informed people. This subsidized predation, of course, allows the feral pets an unnatural advantage over our own predators and contributes to the devastation caused by habitat loss and pollution.

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