Saturday, May 9, 2009

Inside the Wildlife Clinic: Keep cats inside for birds

Several of the songbirds admitted this week were injured from cat attacks. A common yellowthroat was caught by a cat that then brought the bird into the house. The homeowner thought the bird was dead. However, the warbler wasn’t dead and managed to get loose in the bedroom. A pool service worker was able to help catch the bird and the homeowner transported it to the clinic for care. The bird did not survive the trauma of the cat attack and died within 24 hours of admission. Cats have a variety of bacteria that live in their mouths and their teeth are like hypodermic needles. A majority of cat attack victims we see at the clinic do not survive their injuries or the bacterial infection caused by the cat bites. If an animal is attacked by a cat, it is imperative that they are brought to the clinic as soon as possible so the animal can receive antibiotics. Everyone can help native wildlife populations by keeping their cats indoors or supervising them when they are let outside.

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