Saturday, May 2, 2009

Island Cats named Palm Beach feral cat caregiver, to drop town from lawsuit

Another failed TNR effort. The town is giving another TNR group a try. My comment?
"Why are so many domestic pets abandoned there, isn't that inhumane? How many of our fauna do they kill and why wasn't this mentioned? Is it even taken into consideration? Why do the standard efforts to euthanize these unwanted domestic pets fail? Could it be because they have organized groups of TNR enablers breathing down their necks and subsidizing the cats existence?"

Another comment I made in reply to the TNR spokeswoman.

TNR costs us millions of birds, mammals, reptiles, amphibians, and fish each year, a wealth we cannot afford to lose.
I'll quote one of your TNR experts here. This quote is from National Geographic.
'In a study conducted by Levy over an 11-year period, she found the cats lived an average of 7 years after being spayed and brought back to their territory.
" It's become a double-edged sword, because we're happy for the cats that they're living life and in good health," Levy said. " But it also means that we can't expect our neuter programs to work really quickly."'

More: I am an average concerned citizen and animal lover. The way I would rate priorities in this issue in order of importance is this.
Stop the slaughter of our dwindling native wildlife which is being disemboweled and eaten by the billions as quickly and painlessly as possible.
Secondly, end the suffering of those pets under cars, and in the jaws of dogs. It is inhumane to abandon a pet animal into the wild, be they poodle or cat.
Thirdly,rid our properties of domestic pets and alleviate the health issues associated with them.
So you see, your TNR is counter-productive to the concerns of many of us if you wish to re-abandon pets into the wild. I personally believe as many ecologists and biologists do, it perpetuates the problem.
As Dr. Julie Levy of Operation Catnip said "we can't expect our neuter programs to work really quickly."

Even more: My plan would be a strict euthanasia policy for all untamed pets in the wild and registration of family pets supported by citizens interested in the welfare of all animals and wildlife, not just cats! This means getting the pets out of the wild where they do not belong and are destroying our ecology! This would also have to include our politicians being told to do the responsible, realistic, and adult thing, as a former TNR supporter, Dr. Christine Storts, told the Florida wildlife commission several years ago. Do I have to quote her to you?
Your supporters may love their cats like their children, but do they abandon their children to run loose in the streets getting run over and killing animals? Do they allow their children to invade their neighbor's property? No, because that would be inhumane, unethical, and irresponsible, wouldn't it?
Finally, the bird droppings on our cars are a part of nature. The cat scat and urine in my garden and around my yard are there because of irresponsible people not controlling their pets!

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