Wednesday, June 10, 2009

20 cat deaths leave Fla. communities worried

The black cat's body was found in the grass, just feet from the hedges where she slept each day.

Miss Kitty was still warm to the touch when the South Florida couple who cared for her found her in the yard next door. Her head was smashed and her back legs skinned, like pieces of chicken in a grocer's freezer. And she was not the only one to suffer such a fate.

Horrified owners have been finding their cats killed and mutilated for the past month in two south Miami-Dade County communities. Many of the cats were missing fur and appeared to have been cut with a sharp, straight instrument, police said. In all, investigators are looking into about two dozen deaths, with enough evidence to try to prosecute at least 15 of the cases.


rking8 said...

Someoen leaves a companion animal to the vagries of out door life, a pet they took to love and nurture- and they are surprised & alrmed when some sick idiot or wild aniaml kills it? The coyotes in brazoria county are doing their very best to kill our ferals. Some of the ferals I have caught in the wild-not city ferlas-could easily hold their own against one coyote, maybe two. Muscled up as well as nay bob cat I have seen. Smaller by 1/2 but fearless.

Bird Advocate said...

Yes, my ex had a tom cat on a Texas ranch that held his own with the hunting hounds. They'd chase him slowly, very slowly. If he stopped they found something else to do. I pointed out to her there were no signs of birds or squirrels on the front twenty acres of that ranch.