Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Blackmail isn't answer for cats

My response: Do we want to be knee deep in cats? Irresponsible pet owners actions have put us between a rock and a hard place environmentally. I was told the other day it is estimated Los Angeles alone has two to three million feral cats. This was a TNR backer I was talking to and she said when she moved there she saw cats everywhere, at work and at home. Who is going to spay and neuter three million cats, much less return them to the city streets?
This is an ecological emergency, not an animal welfare issue! We have to do the responsible and adult thing and get those feral pets out of our ecology by the most efficient means possible!

"When my wife was about to begin her daily walk on the morning of June 3, another lady passed by followed by two young kittens, which she said had been following her for several blocks. They were dirty and disheveled, and had obviously been abandoned. My wife, being the compassionate type, offered to keep the kittens while she called the Humane Society to pick them up."

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