Monday, June 15, 2009

Cat killer is one sick person

My post: What sort of person do you call those who abandon or re-abandon an alien pet species into the wild to suffer while murdering our natural fauna? This happens much more often than sickos murdering cats.

"It's sad that some maniac finds pleasure in killing and mutilating pet cats. Surely, there's a motive as to why the person is killing cats rather than dogs.

Cat owners are being warned not to leave their pets out at night. These pets, any pets, shouldn't be allowed to roam free at any time of day. People who love and care about their pets know where they are all of the time.

From the papers, it seems that most of the cats are feral cats. Feral cats are not as easy to catch since they usually are cold to humans, whereas pet cats can easily be attracted to a human by simply offering food or being kind. The killer must be setting out food or another attraction at a remote site where he won't easily be seen or discovered. I didn't note what the gender was of the killed pets, which may have some relevance.

I hope that this really sick person will soon be apprehended and thrown into the lion's den at a zoo."

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