Monday, June 22, 2009

Feline problem on Tuesday agenda (Yuma)

My comment? Can we consider our priorities here? Pet species roaming loose outdoors are not a matter of animal welfare, but of our ecology. Feral and roaming cats are the worst threat to our birds and other fauna, right behind habitat loss and pollution. Some estimate they now outnumber our natural predators combined. TNR perpetuates cat colonies, while inviting more irresponsible pet owners to abandon their own pets. Let's do the responsible and adult thing and end the problem we created.

The city of Yuma will host a meeting Tuesday to address the issue of wild feline populations.

"The first objective is to try and reduce feral cat problems in the city," said city spokesman Dave Nash. "The second objective is to educate residents about trap-neuter-and-release efforts."

Nash said city officials hope to arrive at some conclusions regarding the root cause of the cat problems, and they need the help of the community.


stejeanne said...

TNR controls population of cat colonies and the colony diminishes over time. I worked with an organization to trap and neuter over 50 cats in my neighborhood during the early part of this decade. Of the original colony, there are 5 remaining cats. Two new youngish ones moved in, but otherwise the colony is stable. I was able to rescue several kittens born in 2002-2003, foster them and give many of them to AAWL.

I love birds. The feral cat colony for which I'm responsible is old, well fed, and small. Their bird hunting is infrequent. Typically it is mockingbirds (who are overconfident and like to torment cats) and pigeons, who live mostly on the ground, that are the prey. I have never found the remains of a Verdin, Towhee, cardinal, hummingbird, or even a sparrow.

Bird hunting is performed more often by younger, lithe cats. As managed feral cat colonies age, and since outdoor cats have a shorter lifespan, they will over time have a significantly smaller affect on the neighborhood bird population.

Bird Advocate said...

How can you say you love birds when you enable their killers? Who gave you and the cat orgs the right to decide the life of an unwanted pet is worth inflicting them on the hundreds of millions of our native wildlife they murder each year? Those animals are not yours to condemn to death, they are OURS!
I detest having them hunting and killing and crapping on my property, yet a neighbor insists on feeding them free choice. You and he are rudely infringing on others property rights and there are millions of us who resent it!
I treat unwanted pets in a responsible and adult way. Every cat I catch on my property goes to the nearest animal control facility, and I catch a lot of them.