Sunday, June 14, 2009

In response to: Cute Innocent Feral Kittens came to my house

You are my friend? If you were my friend you would not persist in attracting then abandoning or re-abandoning your unwanted pets outdoors so they can spray urine and poop in my grand children's sand box and my garden.
My garden was my hobby from which I shared nourishing food with family and friends until the cats took it over. Now it would endanger anyone's health to eat from it so I plowed it under.
Another enjoyable hobby of mine was watching and listening to the song birds attracted to my feeder and fountain. They would drop in from exhausting migrations to refresh themselves and repay me with their beautiful songs! The cats ended that too. After finding the remains of two pairs of song birds I stopped providing them with food and water, knowing your pets considered them good sport.
You can wave at me and call me your friend, but I won't be smiling and waving back!

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