Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Police sound alarm after rabid cat bites 2 people

Authorities are warning residents to look out for animals that act strangely after an unprovoked rabid cat bit two people last week.

Two township residents received medical treatment after they were bitten by a cat that was confirmed to have rabies, said township health officer Chris Cooke-Gibbs. The bites occurred on two consecutive days last week when the residents were in their backyards in the area of the intersection of Coleman, Bartley and Naughright roads, she said.

Authorities did not identify the residents.

The cat was trapped and held until it died from rabies a few days later, Cooke-Gibbs said.

Authorities do not know whether the feline was feral or a pet, but said residents who live within a mile radius from the intersection should report any animal that acts strangely to the township police department.

"This cat got it from somewhere," Cooke-Gibbs said. "If anyone sees an animal that looks sick or is aggressive, they should keep their distance from it and alert us."

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