Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Repartee with a cat enabler.

Alley Cat Allies forgets that he or she doesn't know me, or the opposition I (please forgive me for not adding "and others". I was thinking under pressure.) am rallying to do away with TNR. It will take the average American becoming disgusted with the sheer number of cats to provoke them to action, but that point is soon coming. The millions of cats abandoned recently because of the financial circumstances could become the catalyst. Sort of like the humidity reaching saturation point, before raining on your parade.
The tiny percentage of pets you sterilize is ineffectual, as everyone besides you knows, or will know as we educate them, and you enable their killing of our fauna.
Speaking of education, your rhetoric is showing when you resort to quoting the mythical vacuum effect, it is a fallacy. When one feral cat or a million is removed our natural fauna can move back into what is rightfully theirs.


Bret Ludwig said...

There are TWO solutions to feral cats: shooting, and the use of species specific poisons like PAPP which kill essentially only cats.

The feral cat is, to put it simply, a varmint. Varmints are legal to shoot because they are what they are, a pest.

The difference with Felis Undomesticus is that there are what I term "cat lubbers"-people who think the cat, even one that is not owned by anyone but living in the wild under insufferable conditions, is a sacred being and must never be harmed or dealt with.

There is no talking to the cat lubber. There isn't. Just avoid them and shoot, shovel and shut up.

Bird Advocate said...

Yes, I have spent countless hours blogging here, and posting on other web sites. I don't expect to ever change the mind of a cat lover. My efforts are directed towards three groups, the undecideds and those who have been fed the myths the cat orgs dreamed up are two.
The third group is people like you who already know how harmful feral cats are. I'll encourage you to discuss the subject with friends, acquaintances, and family.