Thursday, June 18, 2009

Snip & Tip Going Strong After 5 Years

My comment was posted and replied to. I added more.

Hello, wait just a minute here! Our natural fauna evolved here. Domestic cats were bred for by humans, and incredibly they now threaten the very genetic pool they were bred from. There is no place outdoors on Planet Earth they are native to.
They are said by most experts, not in the employ of the cat organizations, to be the second worst threat to the survival of our birds besides habitat destruction… and you support feeding them and tilting the scale further?

In my experience, the cat colony two doors down from me with food available 24 hours don’t read the rhetoric from the cat organizations. The nesting Mockingbird pair’s wings and entrails were left on my front porch. What was left of our Blue jays was in our backyard. That’s only a fraction of their kills I’ve found on my property.

This means there are only fifty to sixty million unwanted and abandoned feral cats in our ecology killing our native birds, mammals, reptiles, and amphibians, and competing against our natural predators. Oh wait, they re-abandoned them? That means none of the killing stopped.

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