Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Those darn cats! Feline problem worse at Mira Loma mobile home park

(Some people are reaching their boiling point!)

The problem of wild cats overtaking Swan Lake Country Estates has worsened with a brutal twist, say several residents of the mobile home park in Mira Loma.

Afraid of being evicted for feeding the ferals, some residents have resorted to killing strays or dumping them at animal control to be euthanized, said Swan lake resident Debbie Marsh.

Marsh, 47, said at least five, perhaps as many as 10 cats have been run over by cars on foot paths, stabbed, poisoned, dismembered or shot to death. These deaths began occurring on May 8, the day after some park residents received citations ordering them to stop feeding unattended cats on their property, she said.

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